Cabarrus County Farm & Food Council Announces Reorganization

The Cabarrus County Farm & Food Council (CCFFC) has reorganized the council’s structure to better engage council members and community members. The CCFFC’s Executive Committee now consists of four members: Erin Bayer, Trish Cramer, Aaron Newton, and Megan Shuping. The new Board of Directors consists of the executive committee members and the following five members: Marcia Brashear, Jim Dudley, Thomas Moore, Rene Shuford, and Fred Watson.

The new structure supports four general meetings during the year, as well as special event opportunities, where previous committee members and interested community members are all welcome to attend. The general meetings will be structured as informational and educational opportunities to learn more about the local food industry and supporting topics. The next general meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 10, 2016. To receive notifications of these important events, be sure to register for our emails.