Long Term Hunger Study Complete

Congratulations to Jim Dudley (Coordinator for CCFFC Long-Term Hunger Relief Committee), Kelsey Milam (Cabarrus Health Alliance), and Jake Wiltshire (UNC Charlotte), and the Long-Term Hunger Relief Committee for completing their project: The Voices of People with Food Insecurity–Their Preferences for Overcoming Their Food Insecurity Problems. Here is just a sample of what is in the study, “Based on the survey, we found substantial food insecurity at different levels: worry about not having enough food (86%), not able to afford healthy food (85%), not being able to afford enough food generally (83%), cutting the sizes of meals (58%), and skipping some meals (41%); finally, we found over 20 percent of our respondents went without eating for an entire day at different frequencies during the past year.”

Check out the complete study under the “Resources” Tab.