Markets, Caterers, and Restaurants

These providers have received the FPC Locally Grown Certification:


The Farm at Dover Vineyards, 3600 Concord Pkwy S., Concord, 704-782-2117, Blog

Peachtree Market, 363 Church St. N, Ste. 190, Concord, 704-788-1423, Open M-F, 1 to 6 p.m., Facebook Page

  • Seasonally locally-grown vegetables and fruit, locally-raised meat products, and home-made jams, honey, and more

Piedmont Farmers Market, Several locations serving Cabarrus, Piedmont Farmers Market


Bocca Felice, Concord, NC, 704-517-7826, Bocca Felice

  • Caterer committed to using locally-produced ingredients

Food Trucks

The Pig & Cow Food Truck, Concord, NC, 208-874-7727, Facebook Page