Locally Grown Campaign

In 2014, the Cabarrus County Food Policy Council (FPC) updated the Locally Grown certification applications to streamline the process. Now, there are two applications: one for Producers and one for Food Service Providers. See the new applications under Resources.

History of the Locally Grown logo

In 2011, the Cabarrus County Food Policy Council (FPC) developed the Locally Grown certification to foster stronger connections between citizens and farmers. The Locally Grown logo assures residents that food and other agricultural products are grown or raised by locally operated farms in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Producers and farmers can proudly use the Locally Grown logo on products once they complete the registration process and receive approval. The license is issued by the FPC and is valid until terminated by either party. There is no fee to register for use of the local but all conditions stated on the applications must be met.

Citizens can look for the Locally Grown logo on food products ensuring they are supporting the local food community with their purchases.